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Austria`s Original. Year-round outdoor training fun. Join us and be part of the city boot camp family. 
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60 minutes effective workout
Burn up to 600-1000 calories
Shape your body
Improve body awareness
More energy and power for your everyday life
Achieve goals together
Supportive community
Private member area (Family Login)
Workshops on a regular basis

Now it's up to your reserves!

The concept of our Boot Camp is simple: With push and drill, body fat and calories get burned and your body becomes shaped and toned. All street-lamps, fountains, outside platforms and benches turn into equipment for our training. A professional personal trainer will guide you through all the exercises. Everyone can become a part of our Boot Camp Family, no matter if beginner, intermediate or pro. Discover a new life full of energy and go beyond your limits – it is more than just sport, it is a lifestyle!

Boot Camp Trainings

Beginner BC  |  Intermediate BC  |  POWER BC

We have a large range of training possibilities, so that each individual can adapt the workout the way he or she prefers. We offer outdoor trainings all year long, irrelevant of the weather conditions. And for the fair-weather-princesses, we have indoor trainings during winter as well.  More...

Personal Training


A personal training is an individual 1:1 session with one of our professional personal trainers. A Personal Trainer will make a detailed anamnesis, define your goals together with you and will develop a trainings program for you on how to achieve your goal. In a 1:1 session, the Personal Trainer has also more possibilities to work on your technique and to fully focus on you. More...

Corporate Fitness

Firmenfitness | Voträge & Workshops | Boot Camps

We have variable possibilities for companies: A professional trainer holds classes inside your company. Our experts can give lectures and workshops for your employees on the topics physiotherapy, health, nutrition, mindset & motivation. Another possibility is to purchase a number of sessions for our Boot Camps that your employees can use. More...


Level Up

We want to give our members additional benefit for being a part of the Boot Camp Family. We want to give you the possibility to use our Workshops to improve your knowledge about nutrition, health and training and to use the preparation courses to make sure that you can reach your goals. More...


Austria`s Original. Year-round outdoor training fun. Join us and be part of the city boot camp family.
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8 Locations


2 Locations

Membership & Pricing

Become a part of the Boot Camp Family

10 Pack


Single payment
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CBC Flexibel


Monthly payment
Lower price per session
Monthly cancelable

CBC 6 Months


Monthly payment
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Premium area

CBC 12 Months


Monthly payment
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What our Boot Camp Family says about us

Translated from German

I am a City Boot Camp member for several years already. All the trainers have a sense of humor and unique personalities. They offer great sessions. The wide variety of sessions matches everyone’s expectations.

The other participants are great as well. It is fun, keeps us in shape and is worth every single cent.

Benjamin Dem

Vienna’s best Boot Camp!

Very intensive training sessions that always push you beyond your limits. The trainer team is highly qualified, motivated, makes sure that the technique is performed correctly and always encourages the participants to go beyond their limits. Although it is a group training, the trainer team tries to meet the individual needs of every person. The trainings are diversified and there is always a great atmosphere. After a training session I feel exhausted but incredibly great.

Claudia Chin-Elsinger

City Boot Camp is a great Outdoor Group training with different locations in Vienna and Graz. The training is held by professional trainers who try to meet every participant’s individual needs. It’s a lot of fun and highly addictive.

Regina Cavallaro

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our team

Martin Kremser

Fitness und Personal Trainer

Tanya Jelinek

Fitness und Personal Trainer

Mag. Réka Hassa

Fitness und Personal Trainer

Johanna Sick

Fitness und Personal Trainer

Dr. Bernhard Franzke

Fitness und Personal Trainer

Frequently Asked Questions

Für welches Fitnesslevel ist das City Boot Camp geeignet?

Das City Boot Camp ist für jedes Fitnesslevel geeignet. Newcomer starten mit dem Beginner Boot Camp. Für diesen Basiskurs sind keine körperlichen Voraussetzungen notwendig.

Das Power Boot Camp ist ein Zirkeltraining. Gearbeitet wird mit unterschiedlichem Trainingsequipment, sowie mit dem eigenen Körpergewicht. Dieses Training eignet sich sowohl für Anfänger als auch für Fortgeschrittene Boot Camper.

Das klassische Vienna City Boot Camp ist konditionell fordern. Als EinsteigerIn solltest du dazu in der Lage sein 3-5 Minuten am Stück zu laufen. Die Laufsequenzen werden von Kraftübungen unterbrochen. Auch Sportler werden mit Hilfe des Vienna City Boot Camps ihre Athletik verbessern können.

Warum ist das City Boot Camp so effektiv?

Die hohe Effektivität des Vienna City Boot Camps entsteht durch die Kombination aus funktionellen Kraft- und Ausdauerbelastungen, die ohne oder nur durch kurze Pausen unterbrochen aneinander gereiht werden. Dadurch ergibt sich ein Wechsel von intensiver und leichter Belastung - in der Fachsprache: ein Intervall- oder Wechseltraining. Diese Form des Trainings hält den Puls das ganze Training über in einem effektiven Bereich und bewirkt auch noch Stunden nach dem Training einen erhöhten Energieverbrauch. Die Übungen werden großteils mit dem eigenen Körpergewicht oder mit Kleingeräten ausgeführt. Dadurch werden viele Muskeln gleichzeitig beansprucht und der ganze Körper gestärkt.

Das Vienna City Boot Camp ist hervorragend dazu geeignet das Körpergewicht zu regulieren, den Körper zu formen, sowie Kraft und Muskeln aufzubauen.

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City Boot Camp

Austria`s Original. Year-round outdoor training fun. Join us and be part of the city boot camp family.
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