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We have a large range of training possibilities, so that each individual can adapt the workout the way he or she prefers. We offer outdoor trainings all year long, irrelevant of the weather conditions. And for the fair-weather-princesses, we have indoor trainings during winter as well. You can choose between trainings with your own bodyweight and the „city’s equipment“ or trainings with special equipment, as in our Power Boot Camp. In both „Beginner Boot Camp“ and „Intermediate Boot Camp“ we use our own bodyweight, resistance bands and “equipment” that is available in the city (benches, street-lamps, etc.) as resistance during our workouts. The Power Boot Camp is held with special equipment such as battle ropes, bungee ropes, hammer, truck tires, kettlebells and a lot more.

Beginner Bootcamp

Everyone can take part in the Beginner Boot Camp. If you don’t have a lot of experience in sports yet, the Beginner Boot Camp is perfect for you. All our exercises can be done with bodyweight and/or resistance bands. The running tempo and the intensity of the workout is easier and more moderate compared to the Intermediate Boot Camp. The professional trainer will help you to learn the correct technique and build a good base in terms of technique, endurance and strength and will also assist you to achieve your goal.

Intermediate Bootcamp

If you enjoy going beyond your limits and getting the best out of your training, come to our Intermediate Boot Camp! All the exercises are done with bodyweight and resistance bands as in the Beginner Boot Camp, but the intensity is higher and the running tempo faster. Of course, also in the Intermediate Boot Camp, the trainer is there to coach, correct and motivate you.

Power Bootcamp

The Power Boot Camp is suitable for everyone who wants to go beyond their limits and give nothing but POWER. It is a high intensity circle training which means, that there is always physical effort alternating with a break. But maybe break is just another word for burpees? 😁

Fair-Weather-Princess Workout (Indoor)

Although our concept is mainly focused on Outdoor Boot Camps, we do offer Indoor Boot Camps. For those who do not want to train outside during the cold winter month, we offer Indoor Barbell Boot Camps.


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