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Frequently Asked Questions

or which fitness levels is Boot Camp appropriate?

The Boot Camp is appropriate for every fitness level. Newcomers start with the Power Boot Camp or Beginner Boot Camp – for this course, there is no prior experience needed.

The Power Boot Camp is a circuit training. In this workout, the exercises are done with special equipment and bodyweight. This workout is appropriate for both beginners as well as advanced Boot Campers.

The classical City Boot Camp (Beginner & Intermediate) promotes fitness and is demanding in terms of endurance. As a beginner, you should be able to run 3-5 minutes without a break. Short sequences of running are always alternating with strength exercises. Even experienced athletes can improve their athletic skills with our Boot Camps.

Why are our City Boot Camps so effective?

The high effectiveness of our City Boot Camps comes from the combination of functional strength and endurance exercises that are alternated without or with just a small break. This leads to the fact, that we incorporate both very intensive and less intensive exercises – also known as interval training. This variation of exercises makes sure that the heart remains in an effective area and leads to a higher energy expenditure even hours after training. Most of our exercises are performed with bodyweight only or small equipment such as resistance bands. This way it is possible to work many muscles at the same time and to strengthen the whole body.

The City Boot Camp is great for shaping your body, becoming a fitter person, building strength and endurance.

When will I start noticing differences/improvements?

The first changes will be recognizable immediately after a few training sessions. You will feel much more active after the training and for the rest of the day. You might feel sore in the beginning, but after a few sessions and working out regularly, your body will adapt to the resistance and you will not be that sore anymore. And the high intensity is one of the reasons that make our City Boot Camp that effective.

After a few weeks you will start recognizing the new strength, more power through the day and a better shaped body.

Which equipment do I need?

Wear training gear/clothes and running shoes for our trainings. Make sure (especially in winter) to also bring warm clothes with you so you don’t catch a cold on the way home. You should also bring a bottle of water with you to rehydrate.

Should I eat something before training?

As a beginner you should eat something easy to digest before training. Different examples are a piece of fruit (banana, apple), a piece of white bread with jam or honey or at least a glass of fruit juice. If you „don’t know“ your body yet, try to avoid dairy products, meat and whole-grain products before training since they can be harder to digest. You should definitely drink at least 1 or 2 glasses of water or juice before working out. If you are used to working out in the morning, you can also try to work out without eating anything.

Are there showers and changing rooms?

There are no showers since the sessions take place outdoors. There are public toilets nearby.

For the Indoor Boot Camp there is also the possibility of taking a shower.

Soll ich einen Rucksack mitnehmen?

You do not need a backpack, but of course you can bring one with you. A backpack means more weight and therefore more resistance  In a lot of trainings we offer the possibility to put the backpack in our trainer’s car. You can always ask the trainer in advance 😉

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