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Austria`s Original. Year-round outdoor training fun. Join us and be part of the city boot camp family.
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Vienna: 8 Locations

Türkenschanz Park

Hasenauerstraße Türkenschanzpark, 1180 Wien

Treffpunkt: Eingang Ecke Feistmantelstraße und Gregor-Mendel-Straße

Bus 37A und 40A

Heldenplatz: Äusseres Burgtor

Heldenplatz 21/4, 1010 Wien

Treffpunkt: Rechts auf der Innenseite des Heldentors

U3 Volkstheater, Tram 1, 2, D, J, Stadiongasse


Restaurant Steirereck, am Heumarkt 2A, 1030 Wien

Treffpunkt: Wiese bei Einfahrt von Heumarkt zur Meierei/Steirereck

U3 Stubentor, U4 Stadtpark, U4/U3 Wien Mitte, Tram 2, 3A und 74A


Jesuitenwiese, 1020 Wien

Treffpunkt: Ecke Rotundenallee/ Rustenschacherallee auf der Jesuitenwiese, Power Boot Camp hinter den Beachvolleyball Plätzen

Tram 1, 4A und 80A

Schweizer Garten

Schweizergarten, Landstraße, 1030 Wien

Treffpunkt: Im Schweizergarten an der Ecke Am Belvedere, beim Abgang zur Schnellbahn



Liesing, Wohnparkstraße 1, 1230 Wien

Treffpunkt ist direkt Wohnparkstraße 1, ca 5 Minuten Fußweg von der U-Bahn Station Alterlaa, Richtung Liesingbach.



Arbeiterstrandbadstraße 122, 1220 Wien

Treffpunkt ist direkt neben dem Restaurant „China Sichuan“ bei der Freifläche.


Altgasse (z.z. keine Kurse)

Altgasse 23, 1130 Wien

Der Treffpunkt ist direkt vor dem Eingang des Roots Crafttraining an der Ecke.


Experience Vienna from a completely different side!

At our City Boot Camp in Vienna, you will experience the city from a completely different perspective. Every street lamp, every platform, every fountain becomes a training device. With the help of a simple Theraband and a top trainer you will achieve your goal. Whether at Heldenplatz, in the Stadtpark, or in one of the other places in Vienna, you will experience the parks very differently from what you usually know them. The boot camp can not only be mastered by experienced athletes, beginners can also start a new sporty, healthy life here.


60 minutes effective workout
Burn up to 600-1000 calories
Shape your body
Improve body awareness
More energy and power for your everyday life
Achieve goals together
Supportive community
Private member area (Family Login)
Workshops on a regular basis


Austria`s Original. Year-round outdoor training fun. Join us and be part of the city boot camp family.
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What our Boot Camp Family says about us

Translated from German

I am a City Boot Camp member for several years already. All the trainers have a sense of humor and unique personalities. They offer great sessions. The wide variety of sessions matches everyone’s expectations.

The other participants are great as well. It is fun, keeps us in shape and is worth every single cent.

Benjamin Dem

Vienna’s best Boot Camp!

Very intensive training sessions that always push you beyond your limits. The trainer team is highly qualified, motivated, makes sure that the technique is performed correctly and always encourages the participants to go beyond their limits. Although it is a group training, the trainer team tries to meet the individual needs of every person. The trainings are diversified and there is always a great atmosphere. After a training session I feel exhausted but incredibly great.

Claudia Chin-Elsinger

City Boot Camp is a great Outdoor Group training with different locations in Vienna and Graz. The training is held by professional trainers who try to meet every participant’s individual needs. It’s a lot of fun and highly addictive.

Regina Cavallaro

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Fitness und Personal Trainer

Tanya Jelinek

Fitness und Personal Trainer

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Fitness und Personal Trainer

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Fitness und Personal Trainer

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Fitness und Personal Trainer

Frequently Asked Questions

For which fitness levels is Boot Camp appropriate?

The Boot Camp is appropriate for every fitness level. Newcomers start with the Power Boot Camp or Beginner Boot Camp – for this course, there is no prior experience needed.

The Power Boot Camp is a circuit training. In this workout, the exercises are done with special equipment and bodyweight. This workout is appropriate for both beginners as well as advanced Boot Campers.

The classical City Boot Camp (Beginner & Intermediate) promotes fitness and is demanding in terms of endurance. As a beginner, you should be able to run 3-5 minutes without a break. Short sequences of running are always alternating with strength exercises. Even experienced athletes can improve their athletic skills with our Boot Camps.

Why are our City Boot Camps so effective?

The high effectiveness of our City Boot Camps comes from the combination of functional strength and endurance exercises that are alternated without or with just a small break. This leads to the fact, that we incorporate both very intensive and less intensive exercises – also known as interval training. This variation of exercises makes sure that the heart remains in an effective area and leads to a higher energy expenditure even hours after training. Most of our exercises are performed with bodyweight only or small equipment such as resistance bands. This way it is possible to work many muscles at the same time and to strengthen the whole body.

The City Boot Camp is great for shaping your body, becoming a fitter person, building strength and endurance.

City Boot Camp

Austria`s Original. Year-round outdoor training fun. Join us and be part of the city boot camp family.
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